No more Mr Nice guy?

Do the hardest negotiators get the best deals?
Do the toughest buyers get the best price?
Do the most demanding clients get the best service?

If you think of the hardest negotiator you deal with, do you strive to give them the best deal, or do you delight in not giving them quite what they want? So, more accurately, you try to win, right?

Now think of someone you like to deal with. Someone who understands that a negotiation is not a battle, but a compromise. And they also know, like you do, that a successful negotiation is one where both sides feel like they have won. When you deal with this person, don’t you try your hardest to give them the best deal possible, because you want them to go away happy with the outcome, so that they will come back next time? Of course you do. You like to deal with nice people. People who treat you with respect. You return their kindness and respect the best you can, by giving them the best deal you can.

If you think of your toughest buyer, do you always give them your best price, or is it better to let them think they got the best price, but really, you know that you’ve given better?

Now think of a buyer you like to deal with. Someone who wants a good price, but also appreciates you need to make a margin too. and that if the price is cut too much, then somewhere along the line, someone will have to pay. Usually by dropping quality or service. When you deal with this person, you don’t try to screw them with an inflated price, you give them the best price you can right? A price that they can be happy with, but one that still guarantees service and quality, and a fair margin for you.

If you think of your most demanding client, do you give them your best service? Or do you avoid them as much as you can, because the less you see of them, the less they have to complain about?

Now think of one of your favourite clients. They are considerate, reasonable, respectful and calm. They know what they want and you strive to deliver it right? Because it means something to you, to make this client happy. You know they will repay your efforts with continued business and perhaps even referrals. Rather than avoiding them, you try to surprise or impress them, so they get your very best service, and you find it a pleasure to give it.

So, does Mr Nice Guy always win? Yes of course he does. We all like to spend our time with nice people. Nice means respectful, appreciative, considerate and calm. Nice people make and keep more friends, they have a more fulfilling social life, they get more favours fulfilled, they get better deals, better service, better quality, more attention, and when needed, they get more time and more forgiveness.

The hard-nosed, single minded negotiators, the tough, uncompromising buyers, and the shouting, screaming clients need to get comfortable in their rightful place, and that place is ‘history’. They belong to a time now past. They should step aside and make way for a new breed of winners in business.

The future of successful business lies with the nice people. Those that are able to demonstrate true understanding, genuine concern, those that can listen and appreciate as well as speak. Those that understand that positive relationships deliver results, and long term, meaningful benefit.

Long live Mr Nice Guy…

  • Hotel Desk

    Great post! Sadly Mr (& Ms – lets not forget or female colleagues!) Nice Guy often have managers who aren’t so nice and ask for unrealistic demands.
    We are all for working in such a ‘nice’ business world – let us know when you find it.