How to get perfect abs…

Most people who strive for perfection in fitness and good health want, more than anything, to have a good six-pack. The six-pack, or the abs, represent core strength and discipline. A strong core makes other exercises easier to perform and more precise. But a six-pack takes not only the right amount of physical exercise, it also takes the right diet, the right amount of cardio, and focused form during workouts, to isolate the core muscles.

I’m proud to say that I have the perfect six-pack. It’s not on my body though, it’s in my business, and it’s an Absolute six-pack. Absolute Corporate Events is my company, and an Absolute six-pack is a business strategy, and to be strong, fit, and agile, every business needs one. The perfect set of abs consists of six muscles, hence the six-pack.

The perfect business six-pack:

1. Client bonds – for these muscles to be at its peak, you need to not only know your clients, and what they want, but you need to appreciate how they like to experience your service. At what pace do they operate, what level of detail do they expect, how much personal time and banter do they like to enjoy, how do they define their relationship with you? Know your client this well, and they will cherish the relationship you have with them, and their loyalty and trust will build.

2. Team commitment – teams work best when they believe in the cause, or the vision of a company. Teams that are engaged with its leaders and their strategy, involved in the ambitions of their business, and rewarded for its success, are motivated to work harder, more passionately, and more successfully, in order to achieve these ambitions and goals.

3. Stakeholder engagement – there are others who have an interest or influence on your business. These could be shareholders, financial backers, regulators, associations, government bodies or other divisions. If this muscle is neglected, and stakeholders don’t feel engaged or involved with the business, then they may toss in an unexpected spanner at any time. Know who your stakeholders are, find out what they need, and work or communicate with them in order to keep them involved and engaged,

4. Supplier and partner loyalty – suppliers or partners are essential to your final client experience. These suppliers will lean towards their clients with whom they have the closest and most mutually appreciative bond. Is that you? If not, it’s one of your competitors. And they will be getting better rates, a faster service or more concessions. Take time to understand and appreciate the pressure, demands and needs of your supplier network. Understanding and appreciation leads to trust and strong bonds.

5. Challenge and innovation – without change, nothing happens. To grow a business over time, or to steal market share, a business needs to continually innovate. Your team or business should have a change culture, one where new ideas or experimentation is championed, applauded and rewarded, without fear or failure or the unknown.

6. Commercial astuteness – we are all in business to make money. This commercial awareness needs to be the blood that runs through every person in the company, like the heart pumps blood to every part of the six pack. Each of your team needs to know how much income they generate for the company, and the costs associated with that income. Does everyone in your company know how income becomes profit, and how much it costs to deliver an event for a client? If not, how can this person work to drive efficiency and profitability?

When developing abs for your business, each muscle in the six-pack needs to be trained and developed equally. Neglecting just one, will not only make the abs look deformed, but it will negatively affect the posture, or the stability of your business. Untrained or unequal abs will lead to long term difficulties and injury, making your business less nimble and prone to accidents or disaster.

A well developed six-pack shows discipline, focus, determination and balance. It is the product of a healthy diet, the right amount of mental and physical effort and performance, and it is the result of a long term, rigorously followed strategy. A good six-pack looks great, and no one can resist admiring and respecting it.

Shouldn’t you get one for your business ?