to be or not to be…?

to be

Most of us have ‘to-do-lists’

We fill them with tasks.

The tasks themselves don’t really change or achieve very much, and the only real satisfaction we get is by crossing something off the list. It’s not the task itself that makes us feel good, or proud, it is the fact that it has been completed, and now behind us.

Do we ever get to the end of a to-do-list, or do we just continue to add to it? So is it never ending, ever changing, and just a way of ordering and filling our time?

Consider the difference it would make if we replaced our to-do-list with a to-be-list.

When we were children, before we learned the concept of ‘tasks’, we used to work with to-be-lists without even realising it. We wanted to be older, we wanted to be a pilot, a teacher, or a footballer. We wanted to be popular, to be a prize-winner, or just to be playing outside. During our early childhood years is when we changed the most, perhaps because we were focussing more on what we wanted to be. But who says we can only change as we move from toddler to grown up? Maybe if we continue to focus on what we want to be, we can continue to change ourselves, and also those around us.

So rather than adding to the list of tasks you need to get through today, why not use a few quiet moments to list the things you want to be, the things you want to achieve, the things you’ve dreamed of, or wished for?

My to-be-list would look something like this;

I want to be:

  • A positive influence on everyone in my world
  • Different
  • Controversial
  • A leader who inspires others to be better and do better
  • The favourite uncle
  • The best son, brother and partner
  • Remembered

Once uncluttered by tasks and the never-ending to-do-list, perhaps a brand new to-be-list can really make a change to our future selves, and at the same time have a massive effect on those around us. It’s never too late to change, and it’s never too late to achieve your dreams.