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Attention Team Leaders – there’s no i in Team?


How many times have we heard the pointed phrase – there’s no i in team?

Well it’s wrong! There IS an i in team, it’s YOU

Without a great leader, a team is just a bunch of people. Stumbling through a day, without a shared purpose, without any standards to aim for, and without a goal or prize to strive for. So, at best, you can expect the ‘team’ to show up at their start times, and go home at home times. Anything over and above this will come from enthusiastic and gifted people, rather than the team.

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My First Novel


They say that everyone has a book in them. I know there is one in me, but I’m just not sure what it is.

If there is indeed a book in all of us, let’s try to discover it together… And perhaps we’ll learn something about ourselves along the way…

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What’s your legacy?



This week marks the 10th anniversary of the sad death of Tim Gasson, who died in a car crash on the night of 20th May 2007. Tim founded my company, Absolute Corporate Events, in 1995 and built the foundations that have created the company that I am proud to own today.

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Time to set sail…?


models-br51As a birthday looms it makes me think about the passing of time and also the wasting of time.

It’s not a big birthday, to be clear, more a teeny tiny one, but never the less, birthdays always make me reflect.

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You’re not as good as you think you are…



Some people seem to have all the luck. Good things happen to them, they always win, they never seem to make any mistakes, and life appears to come easy to them. We used to say; they always come up smelling of roses, or they always land on their feet.

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Where is your passion?


So, I am 3 months into puppy ownership, and one of the most unexpected discoveries (apart from the amount of poo a tiny puppy can actually produce on a daily basis) is how lovely dog-world actually is. When we are out walking our puppy, other dog owners stop and say hello. They ask our puppy’s name, and they introduce theirs. This even happens on the tube! In London! Where normally people generally try their hardest to get from A to B without catching anyone’s eye or crossing anyone’s path, let alone stopping en route for a chat.

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Release your inner puppy


For those that know me well, it will come as no small surprise, that my partner and I have recently taken a puppy into our home.

It’s also fair to say that although it’s very cute, it comes with super responsibility, and it is a real life-changer, but hopefully when the ‘training phase’ is over, we’ll be left with a joyous bundle of fluff.

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Is your manager a bad Apple?

bad apple
Last week the latest IOS update for the iPhone was released by Apple.

Until Apple changed the world, software updates were boring.

An update from Microsoft has always meant that you have to stop what you are doing, hand over control of your computer to Microsoft for an indeterminate length of time, and wait, while your computer downloads and then installs its latest update.

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Without change, nothing happens

As a ball rolls down a hill, the journey it takes is totally controlled by the terrain. If it’s smooth, the ball will take a predictable, and direct route to the bottom of the hill, where it will come to rest.

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Why are event managers such bad parents?

There are basically two types of parent.

The best type of parent will coach and praise their children, in order to build their confidence, and they inspire or challenge them to try harder and achieve great things. They focus on success and outcomes. These children grow up to be winners, leaders, and happy, capable self-sufficient adults.

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